About Us

AMMAN College of Arts & Science turned into based in the yr 1995 the AMMAN & Sons’ Charities Trust with a mission to set education on a noble perch on hand to all in pursuit of expertise and world elegance schooling. The founders predicted charity through schooling and crested this zealous thought because the purpose for having installation a most useful grade group, which nonetheless remains as an untarnished notion thru the lineage of successors to this faculty. The college embodies a rich lifestyle of excellence in teaching and studies and has hence subtle dynamism and know-how to numerous novices within the sands of time. The college upgrades its centers to be had occasionally, to set up the quality pedal of get entry to for its students. The college has a protracted standing and a properly set up identify for having harbored an first-rate college aid inside the metropolis. The nice of schooling is carefully cradled to impart profound education to all who've knocked on the information doors of the university with belief. The institution promotes deep research and lifelong gaining knowledge of inside the fields of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Humanities, Management, Computer Science, Social Science and Life Sciences.

AMMAN is one among the most important Higher Education Institutions of South India with 81 Undergraduate programmes, 2 BVoc Programmes, 27 Postgraduate programmes, 1 Five yr Integrated Postgraduate Programme 5 PG Diploma and 1 Diploma application. M.Phil and Ph.D packages are offered in 23 Disciplines. In addition to this, the AMMAN CAS Academy of Excellence offers 17 Life/Job Oriented Courses and 12 Career oriented add-on courses for enhancing the lifestyles capabilities of students.